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All too often, in this day and age, Agents are letting simple technology work to try and accomplish their Clients goals i.e put your home on the MLS and let the web do the rest. There's even a name for's called "set it and forget it."Sure, this can yield sub-par results but at DJ Daniels Real Estate, we're laser focused on getting the most out of all options and the best results possible. We optimize every aspect of our business to achieve the best possible results. Such as DJ's 150 Point Marketing Plan. Sure, placing your listing on the MLS is part of the process but there's 149 other in-depth tasks we complete in an effort to sell your home in the least amount of time for the most amount of money.

Our Focus

DJ Daniels Real Estate is a Client Centric business! First and foremost, our Clients always are our top priority. Next, we use technology to employ cutting edge techniques in marketing, home search, contract execution and more. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our outstanding selling and buying strategies. There's no doubt we can ensure you receive the best results and experience working with DJ Daniels Real Estate.

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